Be inspired by our delicious Sauna menus! Choose one or more to make your evening even better.

Menu I
Sausage assortment
(Bratwurst, chorizo and kabanos)
German potato salad

Menu II
Chicken drumsticks
Coleslaw with ginger
Yogurt sauce with coriander


Menu III
Baked rosamunda potato with two fillings as You wish
Smoked salmon filling,
Smoked lamb filling,
Skagen filling or
Aura cheese filling

Menu IV
Savoury pie
(Meat, salmon, cabbage, goat cheese, feta-spinach or ham-cheese)

Menu V
Creamy casserole
(anchovy, chicken, ham, cold smoked salmon, smoked game or cep spinach casserole)


Menu VI

Salad menu I
Green salad with two salads, salad dressing and bread of the house

Tomato and farm cheese on a bed of salad
Cold-smoked beef and vegetable salad

Salad menu II
Green salad with four salads, salad dressing and bread of the house

Tabouleh salad and organic soy
Roasted vegetable and emmental cheese salad
Smoked salmon and potato salad
Caesar salad with chicken

Menu VII
Choose your chip:
Sea salt rye chips, chives rye chips
tortilla chips, salt sticks or swirl chips

Choose your dip:
Avocado hummus dip
Barbeque dip
Chili dip
Curry dip
Blue cheese dip
Garlic dip


All menus include green salad with dressing and Fazer’s bread buffet with spread.

Minimum number of persons for buffet menus is 10 persons. Ask more from our restaurants!