“The maître d' is a professional event organizer whose job it is to determine the key points for the party.”

The maître d' is a multi-skilled customer service professional who ensures that your party proceeds smoothly and that all arrangements are carried out as agreed. “The maître d' is a professional event organizer whose job it is to determine the key points for the party,” says maître d' Jyrki Kemppainen from the restaurant Kadetti. 

The planning begins with forming a picture of the budget together with the customer. “This helps us to avoid surprises, in addition to which both parties get a clear picture of what kind of a party the budget allows for,” continues Kemppainen. The planning then continues with determining the date, time and menus. Tasty food forms an important part of any event, and this aspect is planned with considerable care. A buffet is an excellent choice for a large gathering of people. The serving points of a buffet table speed up the gathering of food and work towards smooth service. “Table service – better suited to more dignified events – is an experience in itself. It's an impressive form of serving, but it does tie up more manpower than a buffet service,” says Kemppainen.

 Even demanding arrangements can be left in the hands of a professional event organiser

“The customer can rest assured that the maître d' will shoulder the overall responsibility for the event and that the hosts can focus on the festivities and their guests,” says Kemppainen. The maître d's professional skills ensure the creation of beautiful table settings, the selection of elegant serviettes and equally elegant table decorations, such as flower arrangements and candles. “The customer is always given a chance to visit the venue beforehand. This allows the hosts to sense the ambience of the place, see the interior decor and the opportunities the space offers,” says Kemppainen.

Kadetti serves as the setting for high-quality corporate events and family celebrations on a continuous basis. “We organise a lot of parties with food service, but coffee table catering is also very popular. What they both share is the serving of a bubbly welcome or congratulatory toast, which is a trend that's here to stay. Another notable trend is the increasing number of non-alcoholic sparkling drinks and the demand for them. Toasts have already become a part of the programme that delights everyone,” says Kemppainen.

“The occupation of a maître d' can be called a vocation. I feel privileged to be able to be a part of our customers' celebrations. A successful event is a matter of pride to me and the entire staff. The most inspiring part of my job is being able to share the joy of the festivities with the customers,” says Kemppainen. People hear about well-executed and successful events on the grapevine, and the news reaches far and wide. Kemppainen would like this positive word of mouth to spread as far and as wide as possible.