Cornerstones for a successful customer event: read our 5 most important tips for planning.

Start early

Decide the date and time and inform it to your personnel and customers. Thus everybody can prepare for the event in time.


Plan the content

Think what do you want to bring up in the event. Buiold the ambiance around it. Remember to be brave for achieving new experiences - those are the ones to make wow factors.


Set budget

Set the budget for the event. All the coordinating will be easier that way and the costs won't rise too much.



Remember professional help

Trust the important event to professionals. We at Fazer have a long history of makeing suchs events. We can help you wiht caterings, program and wow factors.


Create taste sensations

High-clas catering will top the event. Serve sociable fingerfoods, fill the table with exotic food or invite the customers to enjoy street food experience.



Contatc us - we'll help You to organize a memorable event!