Planning a party? Let us help you with the catering! We can came to your office, home or other venue with tasty food and friendly service.

Enjoy the festivities and let us handle the catering.

Marinated Kalamata olives
Baba Ganoush
Roasted carrot spread
Dukkah mix
Beetroot and walnut salad with yoghurt
Hummus with iced fennel
Goat cheese, smoked lamb and marinated red onion
Smoked salmon, cucumber and dill mayonnaise
Falafels and yoghurt sauce with mint
Banana tart and whipped cream with cinnamon

BBQ beef
Salmon with dill
Flat bread with swede jam and blue cheese
Almond tart and black bean brownie

Chicken drumsticks
Coleslaw with ginger
Yoghurt sauce with coriander
Green salad and vinaigrette
Rustic baguette and herb spread