Delicious buffet menus for You to enjoy.

Mediterranean buffet

Tomato and mozzarella salad
Caesar salad
Tuna salad Nicoise
Roasted salmon with fennel salad
Green salad and vinaigrette
Organic foccaccia and pistachio dukkah
* * *
Roasted chicken, Boletus mushroom risotto and dark bell pepper sauce
* * *
Passion fruit tiramisu

Asian flavours

Thai salad
Shrimp and avocado
Duck breast with five spice seasoning
Peanut kimchi
Green salad and red onion, ginger and chili vinaigrette
* * *
Salmon poached in coconut and curry sauce
Wok vegetables
* * *
Lemongrass Panna Cotta with pineapple and passion fruit salad

Winds from archipelago

West Coast salad
Roast beef salad
Mushroom salad
Ice cellar salmon and Sauce à la maître d'hôtel
Marinated cucumbers
Green salad and vinaigrette
Baguette and butter
* * *
Beef pot and cream potatoes
* * *
Cranberry and lingonberry pie with caramel whipped cream


Alternative vegetarian dishes for menus

Bell peppers filled with quinoa and mung beans
Roasted cauliflower with carrot hummus
Kale, goat cheese and spelt risotto
Pumpkin and spinach lasagne
Beetroot and goat cheese lasagne